Paint Protection Film

PPF or clear bra is a robust polyurethane film, designed to absorb impact while deflecting road debris that commonly damage your beautiful, exposed paint’s finish. While not only being 99.5% optically clear, it also shields your paint from rock chips, acidic bug stains (Florida love bugs), tree sap, bird droppings, other environmental fallout that can etch into your painted surface and leave a 1 year old car looking 10.

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Window Tinting

  • Nano-ceramic tint
  • Computer cut
  • 99% U.V. rejection, up to 95% IR(heat) rejection
  • Enhance your vehicle’s appearance
  • Over 20 years experience installing window tint
  • Ranked among the World’s top 12 installers for Auto tint 2017

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Vinyl Wraps / Chrome Delete

Vinyl wraps not only add style to your vehicle at half the cost of a proper paint job but also create a thin barrier than protects your paint from the elements. While it doesn’t stop chips like paint protection film, the variety of colors vinyl wraps has to offer cannot compare to what paint can.

Wraps make your car look cool and can be removed safely without damaging your paint. Keep in mind, wrapping is not cheaper than paint but if you were to paint your car properly, your engine bay and trunk jambs would have to be painted also which is very expensive.

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Ceramic Coatings

Paint Correction is the art of polishing your paint to a true surface, removing any contaminants, fine swirls and scratches. Most cars that are delivered to customers nowadays tend to contain fine swirls and scratches that can be seen in the direct sunlight and are due to improper washing techniques, handling and shipping the cars.

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