Vinyl Wraps / Chrome Delete

Vinyl wraps not only add style to your vehicle at half the cost of a proper paint job, but also create a thin barrier than protects your paint from the elements. While it doesn’t stop chips like paint protection film, the variety of colors vinyl wraps has to offer cannot compare to what paint can. Wraps make your car look cool and can be removed safely without damaging your paint. Vinyl wrapping is not cheaper than paint but if you were to paint your car properly, your engine bay and trunk jambs would have to be painted also which is very expensive. With hundreds of colors to choose from and the use of top tier brands such as 3M and Avery Dennison, your decision could not be easier!

Chrome delete has been very popular lately especially on black cars. With several options to choose from, you can color match the chrome trim to your car or accent it with matte, satin or gloss black. The chrome accents around the windows, grille and emblems are the most common areas that we offer a chrome delete on. Black trims, wheels and emblems are what most manufacturers lack including on some of their models and that’s where we come in. Transforming your car’s appearance to the highly sought after “black on black” or getting that old school chrome out of your sight is our specialty.