Paint Protection Film

PPF or clear bra is a robust polyurethane film, designed to absorb impact while deflecting road debris that commonly damage your beautiful, exposed paint’s finish. While not only being 99.5% optically clear, it also shields your paint from rock chips, acidic bug stains (Florida love bugs), tree sap, bird droppings, other environmental fallout that can etch into your painted surface and leave a 1 year old car looking 10. Clear bra was originally developed for military use on helicopter blades, but has been improved over the years to be able to conform to your vehicles contours without looking different from the painted finish itself. Not only do these films come with a 10 year warranty against yellowing, cracking or lifting but they also preserve your vehicle’s resale value by keeping your paint pristine.

Paint Protection Film not only offers you these benefits but also self-heals. What do we mean by self-heal? The typical car in the sun that has not been treated to a paint protection film installation will have very fine swirls and scratches caused by washing or drying. The top coat of the Clear Bra products we use have a thin layer, that when exposed to heat, mends itself back to a glossy or satin finish if there are mild surface scratches present at that time.





We not only offer the common gloss, invisible paint protection films but also STEALTH. Stealth Clear Bra is a satin/ matte finish film that can either protect a satin or matte factory painted car or panels, but also transform your entire gloss finish to a satin one making your vehicle’s appearance unique. Offering the same protection as XPEL Ultimate Plus, XPEL Stealth also backs a 10 year nationwide warranty and the same self-healing features.

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