Ceramic Coatings

Palm Beach Clear Bra also offers professional paint correction and ceramic coatings, our installers are both certified through XPEL & IDA (International Detailers Association).

Paint Correction is the art of polishing your paint to a true surface, removing any contaminants, fine swirls and scratches. Most cars that are delivered to customers nowadays tend to contain fine swirls and scratches that can be seen in the direct sunlight and are due to improper washing techniques, handling and shipping the cars. The contaminants that are stuck on the surface are due to the exposure of the vehicles to the atmosphere, which is why some sort of decontamination is always needed before film or ceramic coating applications.

A ceramic coating is a thin layer of Si02 (glass) that bonds chemically to a surface when applied. This sacrificial layer adds a super hydrophobic coating that causes water to bead and roll off easily. Although ceramic coatings are susceptible to scratches unlike clear bras, we recommend application of a ceramic coating over a clear bra for easy washing and maintenance. Luckily, OUR ceramic coating applications over our paint protection films do not void your film warranty!

Our highly selected coatings are sourced from XPEL utilizing their FUSION PLUS line, since they offer the same key components, hydrophobicity (water repellency/beading) with a few years of added protection.

Glass coatings are essentially ceramic coatings for glass that repel water enhancing visibility while driving and keeping your windows clean. With our exclusive use of FUSION PLUS GLASS coating, we clean then treat your window exterior for 3 years of water repulsion. These coatings are vital for those who drive in harsh climates.

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